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By Kevin Groff, 07/05/18, 2:45PM EDT


Goalie practices with Coach Sweigart and Coach Matesevac.

Wed, Sept.  5     8U/10U/12U                     6:20-7:20PM

Wed, Sept. 12    14U/16U/18U                   8:00-9:00PM

Wed, Sept. 19    8U/10U/12U                     6:20-7:20PM

Wed, Sept. 26    14U/16U/18U                   8:00-9:00PM

Wed, Oct. 3        8U/10U/12U                     6:20-7:20PM

Wed, Oct. 10      14U/16U/18U                   8:00-9:00PM

Wed, Oct. 17      8U/10U/12U                     6:20-7:20PM

Wed, Oct. 24      14U/16U/18U                   8:00-9:00PM

Wed, Oct. 31      8U/10U/12U                     6:20-7:20PM

Wed, Nov. 7       14U/16U/18U                   8:00-9:00PM

Wed, Nov. 14     8U/10U/12U                     6:20-7:20PM

Wed, Nov. 21     14U/16U/18U                   8:00-9:00PM

Wed, Nov. 28     8U/10U/12U                     6:20-7:20PM

Wed, Dec. 5        14U/16U/18U                  8:00-9:00PM

Wed, Dec. 12     8U/10U/12U                     6:20-7:20PM

Wed, Dec. 19     14U/16U/18U                  8:00-9:00PM

Wed, Jan. 2         8U/10U/12U                    6:20-7:20PM

Wed, Jan. 9         14U/16U/18U                   8:00-9:00PM

Wed, Jan, 16      8U/10U/12U                     6:20-7:20PM

Wed, Jan. 23      14U/16U/18                      8:00-9:00PM

Wed, Jan. 30      8U/10U/12U                     6:20-7:20PM

Wed, Feb. 6        14U/16U/18U                   8:00-9:00PM

Wed, Feb. 13      8U/10U/12U                     6:20-7:20PM

Wed, Feb. 20      14U/16U/18                      8:00-9:00PM